Creative Director  /  Designer  /  Los Angeles

When it comes to industry career paths I’ve certainly had a non-linear one. From being a founder/partner of my own creative shop, art directing publications, working at top ad shops in Denver and Los Angeles (on some of the biggest brands in the world), launching a few side ventures, showing work in art galleries, even teaching at a design college, I've had quite an acclectic but extremely fun go at it.

Creativity is my purpose. I use my skills and passion as a designer, visual artist, and problem solver to express creative solutions whether it's creating a brand identity, ad campaign, or whatever type of media content is necessary to tell the right story. My career as an entrepreneur and leader has also awarded me the experience of managing creative teams, pitching new business, and knowing how to make real and oftentimes risky business decisions while always keeping an ample supply of vision and motivation to make it happen. 

My love for creativity and art can only be rivaled by my love for the outdoors and travel. As a boy I grew up camping, hiking, backpacking, and fly fishing—activities I’m still very passionate about—adding rock climbing, skiing, and surfing along the way. I also thrive on immersing myself in distant places and experiencing other cultures: Japan, Cuba, Turkey to name a few. 

I’m very passionate about what I do. I love the creative process, I love collaboration, and I most certainly love the fucking journey. I’m always happy to meet new people and collaborate on whatever you’ve got going on. Feel free to reach out at any time and thanks for taking the time to be here.





- Brand/business emmersion
- Business and comm. goals
- Consumer understanding
- Industry trends



- Ideate and collaborate 
- Develop and refine
- Let it breathe
- Test and ask questions


- Bring it to life
- Craft every detail
- Make sure it's right
- Take pride in the work

A mountain of experience

Words to work by

“Brilliant execution without brilliant strategy is irrelevant, but brilliant strategy without brilliant execution is invisible.”

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